Since their formation in 2012, The Ashley Hundred has been constantly writing, stripping apart, and rewriting the songs of each of the band members. Continually growing as a band and as individual musicians. The bands first 2013 release, Postcards From The Moon, marked their firm arrival into the Calgary music scene, and brought them across the country on campus radio charts and on the stages from BC to Quebec. Soon after the release of their debut EP, Calgary veterans 36? approached the band to collaborate on a Split LP, which lead The Ashley Hundred to their first vinyl release, and first professionally produced music video made with funding from the Telus Storyhive grant.

Their most recent Self-Titled release of September 2017, made with Juno award winning producer Josh Gwilliam and gold record holding engineer Spencer Cheyne was their most ambitious yet covering a vast sonic territory from bouncy psych-pop, to introspective ballad.

Song Selections

"Their music is inherently danceable and surprisingly philosophical. The combination fits a festival stage as well as it does a rainy drive through a windswept mountain pass. "  - Jodi Brak, Beatroute (AB)

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