April 15 - Kelowna - Fernando's

April 29th - Calgary - Palace Theatre (Prophets of Music Emerging Artist Showcase)

May 25 - Red Deer - Bo's bar and Grill

May 26- Calgary - Dicken's Pub

June 1 - Kelowna - Fernando's

June 2 - Vancouver - Fox Cabaret

June 3 - Victoria - Vinyl Envy

June 9 - Winnipeg - Handsome Daughter

July 14 - Edmonton - The Forge

July 21 - Calgary - Nite Owl









September 22nd- Calgary- Bela Concert Hall

August 27th- Edmonton – Mercury Room

August 26th- Calgary- The Palomino

August 6th - Calgary - Vern's Tavern

August 6th – Calgary – Oak Tree Tavern

July 12th- Calgary - Stampede City Session 

June 17 - Calgary - The Palomino

June 5th - Edmonton - The Almanac

May 26th - Red Deer - Bo's bar & Grill

May 4th - Calgary - The Bow Cabin

April 2nd- Calgary- Commonwealth (JUNO FEST)

April 1st- Regina- The German Club

March 31st- Saskatoon- Capitol Music Club

March 30th- Edmonton- Mercury Room

March 26th- Lantzville- Tiger Mountain Studio

March 25th- Victoria- Copper Owl

March 24th- Vancouver- The Matador

March 23- Kelowna- Fernando’s Pub

March 19th- Lethbridge- Owl Acoustic Lounge

March 18th-Calgary- Broken City

February 20th- Edmonton- The Almanac

February 19th- Calgary- Dicken's Pub

December 5th- Regina- The German Club (w/ Bears in Hazenmore)

November 21st-Lethbridge- The Owl Acoustic Lounge (w/ The Provincial Archive)

November 20th-Calgary- Nite Owl (w/ The Provincial Archive)

October 28th -Calgary- Broken City (w/ Odanah & Run Deer Run)

October 23rd - Saskatoon - Capitol Music Club (W/Bombargo)

October 10 - Lethbridge - The Owl Acoustic Lounge (w/Fox Who Slept The Day Away)

September 24 - Calgary -Broken City (W/ Hearing Trees & Crooked Spies)

September 12 - Calgary - The Gateway (w/ Yes We Mystic)

August 28 - Calgary - Market Collective

August 21 - Calgary -Nite Owl (SPLIT LP RELEASE w/ 36? & Windigo)

July 11th - Calgary - The Barn (w/ Windigo & Rachael Cardiello)

July 4th - Calgary- Wine Ohs (w/ The Michael Wood Band)

June 20th - Frog Fest

June 12 - Calgary - Broken City (w/Windigo)

May 31st- Calgary - Lilac Festial

May 30th - Calgary - Nite Owl  (w/The Good In Everyone, I Am The Mountain)

May 17th- Edmonton- Mercury Room

May 16th- Saskatoon- Amigo's Cantina

May 15th- Winnipeg- The Garrick Hotel

May 13th- Ottawa- Avante Garde Bar

May 11th- Montreal- l'Escogriffe

May 9th- Sudbury - The Townhouse

May 8th- London- The Richmond Tavern

May 7th- Toronto- Burdock

May 6th- Kingston - The Mansion

May 2nd - Thunder Bay - The Foundry Pub

April 29th- Calgary -Broken City (w/ Two Bears North, Fox Who Slept The Day Away)

April 2nd- Palomino (w/ Ok Vancouver Ok, The Dead Fibres, Brother Prussia)

March 6- Nite Owl (w/ Run Deer Run & Landfork)

March 5- Red Deer- Bo's Bar & Grill

Febraury 20th- Edmonton- Mercury Room (w/ The Elwins, Jesse & The Dandelions, Two Bears North)

February 14th- Commonwealth (w/ The Elwins)

January 29th- The Gateway

January 23rd- Nite Owl (w/ The Rumble & Go For The Eyes)

January 17th- LME Showcase Festival

December 19th- Nite Owl (w/ Two Bears North & 36?

December 6th- Lethbridge- The Slice (w/ SAVK & Windigo)

November 22nd- Lethbrige- The Owl Acoustic Lounge (w/ We Were Friends)

November 21st- Nite Owl (w/ Walden, Wingido & 36?)

November 15th- Edmonton- Buckingham (w/ We Were Friends)

November 10th- The Palomino (w/ Run Deer Run & We Were Friends)

September 13th, 2014- Republik (w/ Run Deer Run & Fox who Slept The Day Away)

September 11th, 2014- Nite Owl (w/ Windigo & Mosasaur)

September 7th, 2014- Market Collective

September 6th, 2014- High River Cultural Centre

September 4th, 2014- The Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium (High Hopes)

August 23rd, 2014- Elite - Penticton (w/ Human Qualities)

August 21s, 2014- Logan's Pub- Victoria (w/ The Michael Wood band & Electric Oak)

August 20th, 2014- The Railway Club- Vancouver (w/ 36? & Sound of The Sun)

August 19th, 2014- The Dirty Jersey- Kamloops (w/ Royal States & Bastard Poetry)

August 16th, 2014- Fernando's Pub- Kelowna (w/ Human Qualities)

August 15th, 2014- Broken City (w/ Windigo)

July 25th, 2014- The Palomino (w/ Rococode)

June 7th, 2014- The Palomino (w/ Scenic Route to Alaska & The Utilities)

May 29th, 2014- The Drum & Monkey (w/ Fever Feel & Kyote)

May 10th, 2014- Kawa Espreso Bar (w/ Little India & Mayland)

May 9th, 2014- Vern's Tavern

April 30th, 2014- Broken City (w/ Zerbin, Good For Grapes & SAVK)

April 11th, 2014- The Owl- Lethbridge (w/ 36?)

March 29th, 2014- The Palomino (EP Release w/ Windigo & Fox Who Slept The Day Away)

March 28th, 2014- The Hub (w/ Windigo)

December 20th, 2013- Sunnyside Community Association

November 23rd, 2013- Tubby Dog

November 20th, 2013- The Hub (w/ Windigo)

November 2nd, 2013- The Blind Beggar Pub

October 20th, 2013- Lord Nelson's Pub

October 11th, 2013- The Palomino

October 5th, 2013- Studio 37

September 21st, 2013- The Owl- Lethbridge (w/ Windigo & The Utilities)

September 6th, 2013- Cafe Koi

August 24th, 2013- The Palomino (w/ Windigo & The Utilities)

August 10th, 2013- Cardel Theatre

July 13th, 2013- Local 510

July 11th, 2013- The Blind Beggar Pub

June 1st, 2013- The Blind Beggar Pub

April 20th, 2013- Republik

April 12th, 2013- The Blind Beggar Pub

December 31st, 2012- The Palomino

November 9th, 2012- The Palomino

September 6th 2012- Chelsea's Pub (w/ Windigo)